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Maritime Law for Oil Rig Accidents

How Maritime Law Applies to Oil Field Work

Not many people realize that oil field work isn’t governed by normal federal or state laws. Maritime law, also called admiralty law, is an international system that governs such offshore activities. It applies to all seagoing vessels, whether they’re a

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commercial truck driving on a road at night

Who Is Responsible for Overweight Truck Accidents?

Accidents with 18-wheelers and other commercial trucks can cause serious injury. When an overloaded truck is involved, the results can be even more devastating. Our personal injury lawyers at Pepper & Odom, P.C. often investigate these types of cases for clients

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gray car at an intersection with front passenger side damaged

Birmingham Traffic Accident Statistics

Motor vehicle accidents are one of Alabama’s leading causes of personal injury, taking thousands of lives throughout the U.S. each year. At Pepper & Odom, P.C., our auto accident attorneys understand that even the most conscientious motorist can be injured due

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Jury Duty Information

Jury Duty Did you know that there are two types of Jurors? Petit Jurors are summoned to serve on civil and criminal jury trials, and Grand Jurors determine whether a person shall be tried for a serious crime alleged to

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Mississippi Auto Insurance

Mississippi offers a number of the foremost scenic and uncrowded roads within the country. Although there are only two million licensed drivers, Mississippi is one among the states with the highest traffic fatalities. Many of those fatalities could be prevented

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Delayed Onset Pain After A Car Wreck

Why You May Not Initially Feel Pain When you are involved in a motor vehicle collision your initial response is triggered by the spinal cord to cause the sympathetic system to activate the fight or flight response. This response originates

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