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There is no good reason you should settle with the insurance company without hiring a personal injury attorney to help you. There may be other insurance coverage available and you certainly don’t want to leave money untapped. I am very sorry for your loss.

Usually the UM carrier waives their subrogation claim based on them approving the settlement agreement with the tortfeasors and the injured party. You situation does not make sense to me because the other party who your attorney wishes to counterclaim against is uninsured, so that would mean that they & you intend to go against the other driver personally and generally that is only feasible if the person has money or assets worth going through all the trouble a collecting even if you are successful with your lawsuit. I can not say anymore about the “ratification agreement” without seeing the language it contains, but I think you biggest concern will be does this create a conflict between you and the attorney the insurance company assigned to you. I hope that helps.

Disorderly Conduct & Disturbing the Peace, Miss Code 97-35-5/17, Up to $500 Fine &/or Up to 6 months in Jail.

Your husband needs to hire an attorney to help him. He likely has a workers compensation claim and a separate claim against the other driver. If any of the other guys in the vehicle were hurt, they should also hire a personal injury lawyer as they may have claims for compensation also. Don’t wait any longer as there are statues of limitation on him being able to bring the workers compensation claim and the claim against the 3rd party driver.

After (5) years have lapsed and successful completion of all terms and conditions of the sentence imposed for the conviction you can have it expunged. It’s only for a 1st offense DUI, and can not be a DUI refusal or blew over a .16%, or if you have a CDL.

Yes, the prosecutor can recommend the maximum penalty but ultimately its up to the judge to decide.

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